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SAP Testing


SAP Solution Manager Test Suite

Test Suite in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is the recommended solution for all customers for both manual and automated testing. It offers preconfigured functionality with a seamless integration to other capabilities of Solution Manager such as Solution Documentation, Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) and Scope & Effort Analyzer (SEA). It serves as a single source of truth, as there is no replication required to third party tools.

Manual Testing

Manual test cases contain the description of the processes / navigation plus data needed to simulate in a QA system the functionality used in the Production System.  This ensures that defects are discovered before deployment avoiding unplanned downtime and related costs.  Organizing a structured test planning and execution results reporting of test cases increases the quality of the testing and provides required information for test managers, test coordinators and work stream leads in managing cycles.

Test Scope Optimization

Test Managers, Test Coordinators and Functional Workstream leads regularly are faced with making risk assessments for software updates being deployed through fix, enhance and maintenance projects and innovation and transformation projects to reduce test scope to meet project deadlines.  For large support pack and enhancement pack upgrades, determining the impact on the functionality implemented in the productive system and resource planning is time consuming and not precise.

Automated Testing

There are two tracks for managing SAP change processes. Software updates for minor fixes, enhancements and maintenance projects are part of the on-going ‘run the business’ track while innovation and transformation projects are the other track. For the ‘run the business’ track, manual and automated regression test cases (RT) are used to support the change processes.

Test Data

There are several ways to create and provision test data in the Test Suite framework.

Component Based Test Automation (CBTA) tests can be used to generate master data and added to the Test Data Container central data repository for both manual and automated test cases.

Performance Testing

Good testing practices can help optimize quality, performance and scalability of end-to-end business processes for HANA migrations. With the SAP HANA environment representing a complex infrastructure, intense and rigorous testing is a must and a key success factor for running a multi-part framework. This testing approach includes a three-phase integrative process incorporating multiple requirements from testing and quality assurance.

Security and Compliance Testing

To ensure that users are only able to execute transactions and access appropriate data that is relevant to their project we use Security and Compliance Testing

The reality is that business applications are everywhere – in-house, on the Web, in the cloud, and on thousands of mobile devices.  Reducing the burden and cost of application security is increasingly ranked as one of the top issues facing companies today.


A Test Center of Excellence (TCOE) helps customers optimize application quality and improve alignment between business and IT increasing QA efficiency within existing budgets, tools, and resources.


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ALM Experts provides experienced and highly specialized consultants to help customers design, configure, automate, and integrate the entire SAP and non- SAP Application Lifecycle Management solutions. By integrating SAP best practices and methodologies.

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